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Read ancient shopping lists and receipts, and discover how much it cost to drink the best wine.

Vinum acceptum
ab domino VII Idus Apriles

Wine was received by the master on the 7th day before the Ides of April.

XI K(alendas) pane factum
III Nonas pane factum

On the 11th day before the Kalends, bread was made. Three days before the Nones, bread was made. Three

Pompe ++ III S(emis)
P(ondo?) lard(i) a(ssibus) III
Vinum a(sse) S(emis)
Casium a(sse) S(emis)
Oleum a(sse) I
Panem a(ssibus) II S(emis)
Suar(ium?) a(ssibus) IIII

At Pompeii(?) 3 1/2 (coins)
1 pound of lard - 3 coins
Wine - 1 1/2 coins
Cheese - 1 1/2 coins
Olive oil - 1 coin
Bread - 2 1/2 coins
Pork - 4 coins

Nuc(es)     Biber(es?) XIIII (assibus)
Singa III
Panem III       LI
Orrellas III       XII
Thymatla IIII      VIII

Nuts, drinks(?) - 14 (coins)
Pork rinds - 3
Three (Loaves of) bread - 51
Three cutlets - 12
Four thyme-flavored sausages - 8

Edone dicit
assibus [singulis] hic
bibitur dipundium
si dederis meliora
bibes quantus
si dederis vina F
Falerna bib(es)

(H)edone says:
Here, a person can drink for a single dollar (literally: for one as, a small coin).
If you hand over two, you will drink better (wine).
If you give four, you'll drink Falernian!