Featured Graffiti: Occupations

Discover different types of trade occupations in the ancient world, who held these jobs, and how they sometimes greeted one another.

Crescens architectus

Crescens, the architect

Fullo Crescens coponi sal

The dry-cleaner Crescens says hi to the innkeeper

Priscus caelator Campano gemmario feliciter

Priscus, the engraver, to Campanus, the gem-maker: wishing you well! (May things go happily for you!)

Cresces fullonibus salutem hic et ubique

Crescens gives greetings to the dry-cleaners (clothes launderers) here and everywhere

Successus textor amat coponiaes ancilla(m)
nomine Hiredem quae quidem illum
non curat sed ille rogat illa com(m)iseretur

scribit rivalis vale

Successus the weaver is in love with the slave of the inn-keeper, whose name is Iris. She doesn’t care about him at all, but he asks that she take pity on him.

A rival wrote this. See ya!