Teaching Resources

Map of Herculaneum  (copyright free; print your own and color in your classroom)

Palaeography — Letter forms of ancient graffiti (from CIL vol. IV)


Sample lesson plans for mini-modules on interesting topics:



  • Dates and the Roman calendar
    • Common abbreviations: K = Kalends, (E)ID = Ides, NON = Nones
    • and more… A.D. = a(nte) d(iem), PRID = pridie


Using graffiti in the Latin Classroom –Lesson plan, accompanying worksheet

Created by Jacqueline DiBiasie Sammons (University of Mississippi) for the Ancient Graffiti Project; presented at the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association Annual Meeting (October, 2016).

“Promoting Women in the Latin Classroom with Graffiti”, Cloelia, 4 (2014): pp. 35-41- Article and accompanying handout about using graffiti to counteract the gender imbalances present in many Latin textbooks.