Warm-up Activities

Here are some discussion questions that can be used for warm-up activities with the Featured Graffiti. Check out:


Fun and Games,



Occupations, or


For example: (FOOD)

Pompe ++ III S(emis) At Pompeii(?) 3 ½ coins
P(ondo?) lard(i) a(ssibus) III 1 pound of lard 3 coins
Vinum a(sse) S(emis) Wine 1 ½ coins
Casium a(sse) S(emis) Cheese 1 ½ coins
Oleum a(sse) I Olive oil 1 coin
Panem a(ssibus) II S(emis) Bread 2 ½ coins
Suar(ium?) a(ssibus) IIII Pork 4 coins

· What similarities or differences do you see between what the Romans ate and what you eat?

· Do you know how much a loaf of bread costs at the grocery store? Is it comparable to what the Romans paid for a loaf of bread?

· Why would someone buy lard?


Thank you to Nicole Wellington of Dana Hall School for creating these materials.