Version 2.0.0

Released August 2018

Epigraphic Content

  • Critical editions of ca. 350 graffiti from Herculaneum
    • Brief summaries of all graffiti from Herculaneum
    • Translations of all graffiti from Herculaneum
  • Critical editions of ca. 550 graffiti from Pompeii, including:
    • all graffiti in Regio I, Insula 8
    • all graffiti in Regio V, Insula 1
    • all graffiti in VII.12.20 (the Lupanar)
    • 200 graffiti in Regio II, Insula 7 (the large campus/palaestra beside the amphitheater)


  • Improved searchable maps of Herculaneum and Pompeii using LeafletJS that will scale better as we add more epigraphic content
  • Graffiti data is downloadable as EpiDoc, JSON, and CSV under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is printable.
  • Galleries of images for each individual graffito, including our own line drawings and enhanced photographs, when available
  • Stable URIs for Herculaneum properties as well as properties in Pompeii’s I.8, II.7, V.1, and VII.12.
  • Enhanced searching capability, including searching the text and most fields, sorting results, and searching with Greek letters
  • Teaching resources
  • Prototype of our featured graffiti, which will highlight some of the most interesting graffiti.