Version 3.0.0

Released August 2019

Epigraphic Content

  • A total of 1642 graffiti are now available on AGP.
  • Added the graffiti from Regio VIII, Insula 7 (the theater district)
  • Added all 450+ inscriptions from Regio II, Insula 7 (campus ad amphitheatrum)
  • Added ancient graffiti from Smyrna (from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna), contributed by Roger Bagnall, Tom Elliott, and Georgios Tsolakis at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU.
  • Added critical editions of 19 graffiti from building facades throughout Herculaneum


  • Searching and visualization of inscriptions on facades in Herculaneum
  • Stable URIs for segments of streets (i.e., where the graffiti on facades are)
  • Interactive map of Regio VIII in Pompeii now includes the entire circuit and outline of forum
  • Improved automatic generation of EpiDoc for graffiti
  • Improved inscription photo galleries
  • Upgrades to software to use Elasticsearch 7.2, LeafletJS 1.5.1, Spring 5.1, Swagger 2.9.2
  • Many bug fixes