Lesson plans

Two-minute/Warm up activities – check out Featured Graffiti

Beginning Activities

I. Practicing the Latin alphabet (5-minute plan, with extension possibilities)

II. Roman names and naming conventions (20-minute lesson plan, with extension possibility)

III. Greetings to friends (15-minute lesson plan)

Intermediate activities

IV. Learning the Greek alphabet

V. Getting to know Primigenia

VI. Gladiators

VII. Ancient Education

College-Level Activities

VIII. Introduction to ancient graffiti (45-minute class)
Ancient graffiti in the city of Herculaneum, accompanying worksheet
Created by Jacqueline DiBiasie Sammons (University of Mississippi); presented at the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association Annual Meeting (October, 2016).

Supplementary Handouts

Examples of the presence of women among ancient wall-inscriptions
(part of Cloelia 2014 [Classics and Pedagogy], vol. 4, J. DiBiasie)