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Epigraphic Convention Key
Symbol Meaning
ABC Letters whose reading is clear but meaning is incomprehensible
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Translation: ---
Findspot: Herculaneum , Not found (Unknown.0)
Language: Latin
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
Apparatus Criticus: Textus secundum (1), contulerunt et mensuras prehenderunt Beall, Bey IV, McCrory, Opdenhoff, Tomasi, Zimmermann Damer (HGP) a. 2014. Contulit DiBiasie-Sammons a. 2017.
Mensurae pro MAL, sed tantum vestigia pro littera 'L' remanent secundum gruppo HGP a. 2014:
alt.: 1,0
lat.: 2,7
litt. alt. 0,5-1,0
Prope EDR140124, EDR140125, EDR140146, EDR140135
Bibliography: CIL 04, 10563c (1)
Link to EDR: #EDR140129
Suggested Citation: AGP-EDR140129, The Ancient Graffiti Project, <http://ancientgraffiti.org/Graffiti/graffito/AGP-EDR140129> [accessed: 14 Aug 2018]

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