Graffito mentioning the city of Cumae

Cereales sint Cums (:Cumis)

Epigraphic Convention Key
Symbol Meaning
(:abc) Gives standard spelling to explain non-standard text in an inscription (used by EDR and AGP)
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Translation: Cerialis and Cerialis might be at Cumae.
Findspot: Herculaneum , Grand Taberna (IV.15-16)
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Language: Latin
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
Apparatus Criticus: Textus et mensurae secundum (1)-(2), lapsu tectorii periit (2).
v. 1: II pro E scriptum est.
Prope EDR140220, EDR140224, EDR140230, EDR140231, EDR140237
Bibliography: CIL 04, 10538 (1)
A. Varone, Titulorum graphio exaratorum qui in CIL vol. IV collecti sunt, Imagines, Roma 2012, vol. II, p. 488, con foto (2)
Link to EDR: #EDR140213
Suggested Citation: AGP-EDR140213, The Ancient Graffiti Project, <http://ancientgraffiti.org/Graffiti/graffito/AGP-EDR140213> [accessed: 22 May 2019]

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