Graffito mentioning a date and someone teaching

Ηdibus (:Idibus) Ianyaris (:Ianuarias)
mystacogus (:mystagogus, μυσταγωγός) docens
Gebeum et Ẹṭọẹn
ḷục̣ịạn+ vic̣ic̣

Epigraphic Convention Key
Symbol Meaning
ạḅ Characters damaged or unclear that would be unintelligible without context
(:abc) Gives standard spelling to explain non-standard text in an inscription (used by EDR and AGP)
+ Illegible/unclear character
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Translation: On the Ides of January (?), the guide (religious guide?) teaching Gebeus and Etoe (...other letters here...)
Findspot: Herculaneum , House of Wattlework (III.14)
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Language: Latin/Greek
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
Apparatus Criticus: Textus et mensurae secundum Fiorentino apud (1), contulerunt ad apographum Loar et Frampton a. 2014, Benefiel et Sypniewski a. 2016.
vv. 1-4: lectio difficillima; duo apographa a Fiorentino et de Rossi apud (1) edita sunt.
v. 1: litterae Graecae et Latinae intermixtae; ΗDIBUS cum eta pro EIDIBUS (i.e. IDIBUS) scriptum est; IANYARIS cum Y aut upsilon pro IANVARIAS scriptum est
v. 2: MYSTACOGVS pro MYSTAGOGVS (i.e. verbum Graecum μυσταγωγός Latine scriptum); DOCENS aut DISCENS (1)
v. 4: fortasse in alia manu scripta est
Prope EDR151816, EDR151818
Bibliography: CIL 04, 10499 con due apografi (1)
R. De Kind, Houses in Herculaneum: A new view on the town planning and
the building of Insulae III and IV, Amsterdam 1998, p. 117 (2)
Am. Journ. Arch. 122, 2018, pp. 213, 242 (R. Benefiel et H. Sypniewski) (3)
Link to EDR: #EDR140254
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