Graffito naming Phoebus

Fuibus (:Phoebus)
egrotes (:aegrotes)

Epigraphic Convention Key
Symbol Meaning
(:abc) Gives standard spelling to explain non-standard text in an inscription (used by EDR and AGP)
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Translation: May you suffer, Phoebus.
Findspot: Herculaneum , House of the Telephus Relief (InsulaOrientalisI.2)
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Language: Latin
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
Apparatus Criticus: Textus et mensurae secundum (1); periit (2)
Contulit et non invenit Benefiel et DiBiasie-Sammons (HGP) a. 2016.
v. 1: FUIBUS pro PHOEBUS scriptum in casu nominativo pro vocativo (1);
v. 2: EGROTES pro AEGROTES scriptum (1);
v. 1: lat.: 5,6; litt. alt.: 0,7-1,5 (1)
v. 2: lat.: 6,5; litt. alt.: 1,1-2,1 (1)
Bibliography: CIL 04, 10631 (1)
Link to EDR: #EDR153111
Suggested Citation: AGP-EDR153111, The Ancient Graffiti Project, <http://ancientgraffiti.org/Graffiti/graffito/AGP-EDR153111> [accessed: 24 Jun 2019]

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