Featured Graffiti: Gladiators

See how the ancients wrote about this favorite pastime from advertisements and drawings to boasts about which gladiator was the handsomest.

VIII K(alendas) Martias
Numisii Genialis
gladiatorum paria X

Eight days before the Kalends of March,
sponsored by Numisius Genialis
10 pairs of gladiators
(will compete) in Herculaneum.

((:duo gladiatores pugnantes))

M. Attilius t(iro) v(icit)

Hilarus Ner(onianus) XIV ) XIII
m(issus est)

(A sketch of two gladiators fighting has these labels...)

Marcus Attilius, a novice - WON!

Hilarus, gladiator from the imperial training school, with 14 wins and 13 trophies - LOST

(N.B. Hilarus was sent out of the arena (missus) defeated - but not killed.)

((:gladiator, murmillo galea et scuto armatus))

(Drawing of a murmillo type of gladiator)

((:duo gladiatores pugnantes))

(Drawing of a gladiator match)

Suspirium puellarum
Celadus Oct(avii)  III ) III

The girls' heartthrob!
The Thracian (gladiator)
Celadus, of Octavius -- 3 wins, 3 trophies