〈:columna I〉
Aquaria dua cum basis
Aqua(ria?) in manus dua cum basis
Hamas duas cum basis
Aqua(rium?) in manu cotidianu I
cum basis
Urciolos (:urceolos) duos
Candelabra quatuor (:quattuor)
et lucubratoriu(m) unum
Lucerna(m) aenea(m)
Hamula(m) una(m)
Pelvi(s) cum basim
et lytrum (:luterem)
Gutos tres
Scapheola dua
Ferreas strig(i)les VII
Haenas quattor

〈:columna II〉
Marmor(em) cum basim
Fuminaria dua

Letters once present, now missing due to damage to the surface or support

Damage to the surface or support; letters cannot be restored with certainty

Abbreviation; text was never written out; expanded by editor

Letters intentionally erased in antiquity

Letters whose reading is clear but meaning is incomprehensible

Characters damaged or unclear that would be unintelligible without context

Characters formerly visible, now missing

Description of a figural graffito (used by EDR and AGP)

Gives standard spelling to explain non-standard text in an inscription (used by EDR and AGP)

[- - -]
Translation: Column I: Two water jugs with bases, two (hand-sized?) water jugs with bases, two water buckets with bases, a (hand-sized?) water jug with a base for everyday use, two little pitchers, four lamp-stands, one night lamp, a bronze lamp, one small water bucket, a basin with a base, and a hand basin, three flasks, two small drinking vessels, seven iron strigils, four bronze (objects?). // Column II: marble with a base, two bronze fire-pokers(?)
Findspot: Herculaneum, House of Neptune and Amphitrite (V.7)
property metadata ➜
Language: Latin
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
Apparatus Criticus: Textus et mensurae secundum (1), contulerunt ad apographum Hardy, King, Sykes, Sypniewski (HGP) a. 2016.
Col. I, v. 4: COTIDIAN CII potest legi (1)
Col. I, v. 7: QUATUOR pro QUATTUOR
Col. I, v. 12: LYTRUM pro LUTEREM
Supra EDR140039
Bibliography: CIL 04, 10566 con apografo (1)
Harv. St. Class. Philol., 82, 1978, p. 271-275 (W. Lebek) (2)
A. Varone, Titulorum graphio exaratorum qui in CIL vol. IV collecti sunt, Imagines, Roma 2012, vol. II, p. 492, con foto (3)
Link to EDR: #EDR151868
Suggested Citation: 'Inventory', The Ancient Graffiti Project Search Engine, <> [accessed: 25 May 2018]

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