Drawing of a face

((:herma viri))

Description of Drawing (English): bust of man
Findspot: Smyrna, Basilica (Agora.1)
Drawing Category: Human figures
Writing Style: painted
  • Graffito Height: 27
  • Graffito Length: 20
Bibliography: Bagnall, R. S. et al., Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna (2016): 80-81.
Commentary: The drawing is mostly made in red ink. Black strokes, visible in the dipinto’s lower half, could have served as preparatory guidelines. The head and shoulders are fully frontal. The man wears a short hairstyle, with slightly wavy hair falling on the forehead. He has a long, full, and wavy beard that starts from below his pointed ears and terminates, at the center of the chin, in a pointed tip. Thin mustaches are visible above the upper lip. The mouth is small and the lips are thin. The nose is straight and the large eyes, with marked pupils, are asymmetrical and almondshaped. The eyebrows are linear and heavily marked in red. The large neck is visibly elongated, with a central long line suggesting its fullness. At its base, a simple line indicates the tunic’s rounded rim.
Suggested Citation: AGP-SMYD00013, The Ancient Graffiti Project, <http://ancientgraffiti.org/Graffiti/graffito/AGP-SMYD00013> [accessed: 21 Apr 2024]

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