Drawing of a fish


Description of Drawing (English): fish
Findspot: Smyrna, Basilica (Agora.1)
Drawing Category: Animals
Writing Style: Graffito/incised
  • Graffito Height: 9
  • Graffito Length: 29
Bibliography: Bagnall, R. S. et al., Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna (2016): 381.
Commentary: Dipinto of a fish in black ink, located on the northern face of Pier A76, looking into the Basilica’s northern corridor. The ink is partially faded and smudged, so that the depiction is not perfectly clear. The fish could possibly be interpreted as a red mullet. The body is moderately elongated, and the snout is steep. No dorsal fins are recognizable, and the operculum is roughly defined. Protruding from the mouth is a long diagonal line, interpretable as one of the fish’s barbels. The pectoral fin is medium sized and triangular, placed next to the anal fin, also triangular. The tail is elongated and raised with short and forked caudal fins.
Suggested Citation: AGP-SMYDP0761, The Ancient Graffiti Project, <http://ancientgraffiti.org/Graffiti/graffito/AGP-SMYDP0761> [accessed: 16 Apr 2024]

Editor: Roger S. Bagnall

Principal Contributor: Roger S. Bagnall

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