Featured Graffiti: Herculaneum

Mansi solus x (:ex) s(enatus) c(onsulto).

I stayed alone because of the Senate's decree.


We are cold.

hoc (:huc) cupidi,
multo magis ire cupimus.

We came!
We came
here desiring, (but now)
much more do we desire to go.

Qui · se tutari · nescit · nescit · vivere.
Minimum · malu (:malum) · fit contemnendo · maximum.

He who does not know to guard himself does not know how to live.
The tiniest trouble, if ignored, becomes tremendous
(i.e. the smallest evil becomes the greatest).

Apollinaris medicus Tìtì Impe(ratoris) 〈:servus〉
hic cacavit bene.

Apollinaris, doctor, slave of the emperor Titus,
pooped well here.