Featured Graffiti: Pompeii

Admiror o pariens te non cecidisse ruinis qui tot
scriptorum taedia sustineas

I'm amazed, oh wall, that you haven't fallen into ruins since you hold the boring scribbles of so many writers.

Qui mihi docendi
dederit mercedem
(h)abeat quod
petit a superis

May he who has given me payment for teaching have whatever he asks from the gods.

Augusto feliciter

Long live the emperor!

Viator, Pompeis pane(m) gustas
Nuceriae bibes
Nuceriae bibes

Traveler, at Pompeii you eat bread
(but) at Nuceria you will drink!
At Nuceria, you will drink.

Nucer(inae) sal(utem)
vellem essem gemma (h)ora non amplius una
ut tibi signanti oscula pressa darem

Greetings to Primigenia from Nuceria.
I wish I were a gem-stone for no more than an hour so that I could give you pressed kisses as you sign your letters.

Miximus in lecto. Fateor, peccavimus,
hospes. Si dices, 'quare?' Nulla matella fuit.

We peed the bed. I admit it, host, we messed up.
If you'll ask me, 'why?' There was no chamberpot.