December 2014 Updates

Dec. 15, 2014:
Our first field season was held in Herculaneum during summer 2014. As of December 15, 2014, we have digitized and made available through the Epigraphic Database Roma sixty graffiti that we documented there.

During fall 2014, we have also been creating a freely available, open-source map of Herculaneum through OpenStreetMap. We are happy to announce that map is now complete. We aim to have it clickable, fully functional, and linked to the digitized graffiti by the end of next summer.

OSM_HerculaneumWe are currently working on processing additional graffiti from Herculaneum, texts and incised drawings, as well as graffiti from Pompeii, Insulae I.6 and I.7.

Happy holidays!